• What's up with the ways today?

    Six Silent Residents of a Defunct and Forgotten Housing Development

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    Divided We Fall...


    Today the land where the shipyard once stood has been divided into dozens of pieces of property. Most of these pieces were intended to be the site of a single family residence. With very few exceptions, the properties are owned by approximately nine different corporations, holding companies, and/or real estate investment firms.


    All of the information I've outlined on this page is publicly available.

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    With the fate of the ways in limbo, there is no time to waste. It is imperative that we announce our support and educate the public on why the ways are worthy of protection.

    The Best Laid Plans...


    Currently, the ways occupy the shoreline of a defunct and seemingly forgotten housing development called "Liberty Harbor." Specifically, the ways sit on the very edge of a piece of property on which the only home in Liberty Harbor was built.


    Liberty Harbor was billed as a multi billion dollar mixed use resort featuring:

    • Condominiums
    • Luxury homes
    • Full service spa
    • Private marina
    • Hotel
    • Restaurants
    • Private beach clubs
    And what do all of those fancy features have in common? Not a single one represents the incredible history of the location.
    The timelines for construction differ slightly depending on where you find the information. However, it generally appears that construction on the entire resort was intended to be completed by 2009.
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    The video below was prepared by a marketing firm to promote Liberty Harbor. It features imaginations of what the development was supposed to become. The scenes were created digitally and do not represent the state of the development at any point in time.