• Do you live in Brunswick and/or Glynn County?

    As a resident of Brunswick and/or Glynn County, you are uniquely situated to advocate for protecting the ways. Because the ways are located in the place you call home, you have the ability to reach out to your county and city commissioners to ask for their support in protecting the ways.

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    What is a county commissioner?

    Keeping Glynn County Running

    County commissioners are elected by the citizens of a county. Together they make up the Board of Commissioners. This board serves as the governing authority for that county, with the Chairman overseeing the majority of the day-to-day governing.

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    Talking Points

    Silence isn't always golden...

    If you've looked over the information I shared on contacting your legislators, then you already have some ideas about what to say to your county and/or city commissioners. However, as a citizen of Glynn County, there are a few unique talking points you can share to support our cause.

    To help get you started, I've compiled my own thoughts on why the ways matter to Glynn County and put them in the slideshow below.

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    City Commissioners

    The City of Brunswick

    If you live within the city limits of Brunswick, then you are also represented by the City Commissioners. The Mayor and City Commissioners are elected government officials. The Board is also aided by a "City Manager," a professional with expertise in ensuring that a city operates smoothly.

    The buttons below will take you to the city's official website and directly to the bios and contact information for your mayor and city commissioners.

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    Economic Development

    The ways can once again be an economic boon for Brunswick and Glynn County as a whole. With Brunswick as the home of a nationally recognized historical site, Glynn County can expect a fresh wave of visitors every year.
    Opportunities for new and dynamic marketing campaigns abound.
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    Tourism is arguably Brunswick's number one industry, which means economic vitality depends on attracting visitors to the city. As a tourist destination, the ways are going underutilized.
    Moreover, as an historical site, the ways have the advantage of being located within Brunswick, drawing visitors directly to the city, rather than just the nearby islands.
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    Beautification of a landmark simply means improving its physical appearance.
    Brunswick, Georgia is a town full of historic buildings and sites of cultural importance. Maintaining a sense of harmony amongst them requires caring for all of the landmarks.
    The remains of the original Sidney Lanier Bridge look out onto the ways. We have the ability to make that view one of rugged beauty, the kind that comes from a legacy of hard work and a still resonating dedication.
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    Preserving History

    The historical significance of the ways is without peer. Right now, unfortunately, the ways are not getting the regard and attention they deserve.
    As symbols of the role that Georgia played in defeating Nazi Germany, the ways are a treasure that we have a responsibility to protect.
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    The ways provide an opportunity for educating the public, both young and old, on the contributions Brunswick made to Allied victory in WWII. Additionally, the ways will serve as a catalyst for inspiring others to learn about WWII as a whole.
    It's also an opportunity for exploring the history of Brunswick as a city. The ways represent a time and place that permanently altered Brunswick's landscape and population.