• Other Ways to Help Save the Ways

    There's no substitution for creativity.

    Below I've explored some of my own ideas for helping spread the word about the ways and what they mean. You are the most important ally the ways have. Be enterprising, use your imagination, and have fun! These are simply suggestions, not limits.

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    Talk Is Cheap (Actually Free) and Effective

    Let's give 'em something to talk about, quite literally. No matter how you prefer to communicate, there are opportunities to discuss the ways and our efforts to protect them. Few things are more valuable to a cause than a supporter's willingness to talk about it. There's just no substitute for natural, authentic conversations.

    Check out this list of ways you can use your voice to get the conversation started:

    • Chat with friends and family members
    • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper
    • Comment on relevant articles and blog posts
    • Blog about the ways
    • Attend city council and county commission meetings (and speak when you're comfortable)
    • Start conversations about the ways on relevant message boards and forums
    • Create a YouTube video
    • Share the link to this website in your email signature

    Coming Soon: Save the Ways T-Shirts

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    Tell Vogue magazine to make room on their cover because "Save the Ways" t-shirts are coming! Shirts are like mini billboards. You can speak to countless people without actually saying a word.


    Updates to come!

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    #savetheways #morethanconcrete #sixsilentresidents

    Virtually every social networking platform utilizes hashtags to help users find content that interests them. Hashtags are a way to categorize your post, picture, or tweet so that it can be discovered by users who are searching for that topic.


    If you find yourself in need of some substance for a good tweet, why not ponder our cause? Whatever form of social media you prefer, there are opportunities to give us a quick (or long) shout out. The hashtags above are my three favorites, but I never restrain creativity, so hash it out however you feel!


    Be sure to add a local hashtag as well, such as: #brunswickga #goldenisles

    Can I get a witness?

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    I will state this outright and as clearly as I can: please don't trespass on private property to see the ways. It's just a bad idea, and I do not want to be responsible for anyone breaking the law.


    Now that we've gotten that out of the way....you can observe the ways from the Liberty Ship Park. A section of the original Sidney Lanier bridge is adjacent to the park and easily accessible.


    Bring along some binoculars, a camera, and/or a phone with a nice zoom. You'll be able to get a clear look at the area from that vantage point. It's an interesting little spot in general, and I encourage you to skim a bit of history about the original Sidney Lanier bridge.


    You've photographed the ways from a safe and legal distance. Now what? Sharing is caring! Post your pictures on social media, tell the story to your friends and family...the method of storytelling is up to you. People need to know about the current state of the ways in order to be motivated to join our cause.